You work hard on your direct mail. Make sure you’re sending them to a single property website with effective calls to action. offers realtors personalized websites that automatically pull your contact information from your Corefact account and inputs data from your listing/automatically input data from your mailing lists.

Each page comes with eight calls to action compelling your prospective client to take different steps toward selling their home.

The Calls to Action

Sell for this price?
If homeowners are ready to sell and agree with the estimated home value, they can begin the selling process immediately.

Price too low?
Homeowners can request a higher, more accurate estimate.

Agent Assessment
Homeowners can receive a complimentary agent estimate.

On-Site Assessment
Homeowners can request an on-site professional comparable market analysis for their property.

Sell or Buy
Some homeowners will visit your website ready to buy or sell. These would be leads to follow up with immediately.

Home Value Alert
Homeowners can sign up for monthly email notifications detailing the market changes each month.

Download Report
Homeowners can download or print their home estimate and home value information.

Contact Me
Suitable for homeowners requesting additional information or asking questions not covered in the previous calls to action.

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