Texts and emails will NEVER be adequate to properly represent a deal’s true value. There are many behind the scenes reasons a deal can crash or succeed and they all must be discussed.

A total joke when many investors say just send me the cap rate and description of the lease, size of building and land. Great way to determine if you are interested or not and of course I’m being sarcastic?

In addition, the more interesting aspect of the deal is the building selling for the proper price per sq.ft. and the tenant paying the proper going rent for the area and is the area getting worse or better? Are there any outs in the lease or trouble with the neighboring tenant? Tenant paying on time or owe back rent? Any environmental issues to be concerned with? Is the competition building new structures or getting permits to build in the near future?

Are the taxes going to go up drastically after you purchase an old assessed property based on lower rents and sales? Will the zoning change or be grandfathered in with your purchase? Are road changes coming to your few block area?

Simply PICK UP the phone and ask the questions, discuss the possible solutions and quit taking a short cut or pretending you know everything and too busy to be bothered.

We have the experience AND always look for new strategies monthly from the top tier investors nationwide, in all asset groups and grateful to be filled in.

Call to discuss strategies, off market deals, development opportunities and unique 1031 trade vehicles.